Welcome to Alexander von Francfurth!


My name is Alexander and my passion are Body Erotic massages © - Highlights of a special kind - exclusively by man for man, regardless of whether you are gay, straight , bi or transsexual are.


I am very pleased with your visit to my website and want YOU to invite you along with me


Massage, Wellness and Erotic in perfect symbiosis


to experience!


Here you can leave and plunge into the wonderful world of touch, the passion and relax the stress and pressure of everyday life for a moment outside the door.


To give massages in contact , is one of the most trusted and most intimate encounters with people for me. Each of my massage is like YOU , unique and always a unique and different.


I feel real respect and respect for people - YOU ... because you want to be touched and you with it enters an physical contact, on closeness and intimacy , show yourself , the way you are ... with what is or is not .


Contact me and let yourself be touched by me ! Learn and remember really mean what tenderness, sensual desire and sizzling Erotic !


I am particularly pleased to YOU!


Sincerely your


Alexander von Francfurth